Written Words, Unwritten Words, and a Door

There is a backstory to this, these words you’re reading, the links, the publications, and it will be told, but not yet. There are other words to be written, and once they have been, more will appear here. Get it?

For now, news of my short story, “Doctoring Folklore: The River Walker,” getting accepted for Horror Bound Magazine’s March issue, and a reminder that “Children of Ash” can be read as a free PDF in the February issue of the Blotter Magazine.

With Chicago below freezing, sidewalks dusted with snow, and me with those other words to write, I leave you two quotes. One from a man talking on his cell in a local coffee shop: “The car. It wasn’t my door.” The other from wordsmith Mark Twain: “It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.”


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