(Belated) C2E2 and Rolling Heads (Words)

March 19, 2011. Not today’s date. A more important occasion. C2E2, my first comic book convention. Filled with pros (fantastic panels with artists and writers, a plethora of comic book and movie and video game knickknacks, an excuse to wear capes and underwear in public, free pins, friendly attendees) and cons (eight dollars for a slice of pizza and a drink, lines, lines, lines, tactless attendees), the overall experience was … super. I look forward to attending another.

A highlight: thanking Matt Fraction for inspiration, and having him tweet from my Twitter account. When people write stories that I enjoy, I like telling them.

Juggernaut hired to bounce anyone carrying more than three items for signatures.
Waid and Fraction talking comic book craft.
Wait in what line?
Cyclops doesn't appreciate being reminded that Jean is actually dead.


Because it’s interesting and fitting, a New York Times article about the state of Marvel Comics.


I meant to publish this post a week ago, but rewrites and edits on other work has been consuming my time. Which is wonderful.  Listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Heads Will Roll” has been great for motivating revisions. Replace “heads” with “words” in the song, and cut, cut, cut.


Slice of life: “It’s just a ride.” Bill Hicks.


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