X-Men First Class is Fun, and I’m Excited, Again

X-Men First Class is fun. Not an adjective I thought I’d give after watching the movie, but Vaughn has directed a fun movie, a movie worth your eyes. (I am biased, though. I heart most things Magneto.)

Eye Candies: Magneto and Professor X’s interactions and character development, a clever and creative 1960s backdrop (a new truth behind the Cuban Missile Crisis), enjoyable cameos, Mystique’s development, Vaughn’s Jekyll and Hyde scene, the yellow outfits.

Eyesores: An entourage of underdeveloped secondary characters lead to a few esoteric backstories.


Why am I excited? Because this has finally happened.

There are plenty of comic book characters whom I would happily write, but Magneto and Nightwing stand at the top of that list. One character tries to escape the haunting past of the Holocaust by striving to make mutants the supreme race, even though doing so parallels him to the Nazis he loathes, and the other tries stepping out of his pedagogue’s shadow by adopting a do-it-yourself attitude in difficult circumstances, even though doing so parallels him to his pedagogue. Internal conflicts for days.


Slice of life: “I’m not going in there with thunder and lightning.” A woman talking to her friend smoking in the rain.


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