Go Skate and See Super 8

Go skateboarding. You’ll smile.


Watched Super 8 last night. The movie made me nostalgic for the late 80s when I was introduced to E.T. in my grandmother’s living room. My elbows dug into the carpet, palms into my cheeks, and I watched and wondered, “What if?”

Eye Candies: Striped shirts, intense train wreck, complex family issues (however), interactions between the young pals and Alice, witty banter, an intriguing alien menace (however), Super 8 film.

Eyesores: family issues hastily forced into closure toward the end, alien menace isn’t given enough depth to really care about what happens to it.

Overall, a great movie worth your eyes.


Slice of life: “I got a fucking job.” Woman yelling on cellphone outside of hair salon.


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