Short Film Equals Flash Fiction and A Happily-Ever-After Discovery

Quantic Dream is not scary. They developed the video game that plays like a novel, Heavy Rain. A favorite of mine. They designed Heavy Rain to be emotionally and visually realistic, a pursuit they continue to strive for as their latest short film, “Kara,” shows. Click here for the article and video on IGN to see how the developer uses an actress’s captured performance to create a digitally honest story.

This is a wonderful example of how little has to happen in a story to build tension and invoke sentiment from an audience. By focusing on small, physical movements (varied eye motions and facial expressions, appropriate hand gestures and body language) along with exact and sincere dialogue, the developers are able to tell a moving tale, while building, literally, a believable character viewers can understand. This is a good way to think about writing flash fiction. Scenes to a minimum, even if the story spans years, by concentrating on the actions and dialogue of one or two or few characters necessary for a compact plot. No wasted words.


New Fairy Tales Discovered in Germany. “Five hundred,” reports Guardian. Interested? Quite.


Slice of life: “I’ve started to look for a real grown-up job.” Woman on her phone in a quiet neighborhood.


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