What is not scary.

Blogging is difficult. Not because I have little to write about — my mother continues telling me, “Always got something to say, don’t you?” The problem rests in my fear that editing each post will take me a while — see this post for why editing consumes my time — when I would rather put words into fiction and poetry.

Still, I want to write more here and have been thinking of ways to do so. After dismissing ideas that ranged from sharing daily Chicago oddities I witness to photos of Nori the cat, I realized the answer was in front of me whenever I came to my blog. ____ is not scary.

I am going to regularly answer what is not scary. I am not entirely sure what this means, how serious it will be, or how consistent the format will remain — today I use dialogue — but this idea has me interested enough, has given me enough of a beginning and an end, to want to explore it.

For the first post in this series, I’m starting off a bit easy by answering why Matt, me, is not scary. Here we go.

Matt is not scary.

“He has a white eyebrow. Finish your coffee?”

“Too hot. It’s just a defect.”


“It’ll stick in your memory.”

“Think it makes him a horrible blogger?”

“Probably an innate problem.”

“The eyebrow or horrible blogging?”

“Both. This brew is getting hotter.”

“Is it bubbling?”

“Coffee bubbles?”

“Means you’ll have good luck.”

“Must be why my coffee is too hot.”

“He drinks coffee. I’ve heard. Blow on it.”

“Like I haven’t. Great help. I heard that too.”

“Makes him a little more like us.”


“Humanizes him a little.”

“Bet his coffee never bubbles.”


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