Blogging is not scary.

This probably should have been the first in my series of “____ is not scary,” but so it goes. Blogging is not scary.

“I write more when you jump in a hole.”

“We share.”

“You steal ideas.”

“You filched my coffee bubble thing.”

“They were in my coffee. Good luck to me. Mine.”

“Go in another room. What are you writing?”

“Blogging. A cookie post.”

“This started when?”

“I typed ‘cookies’ in the post today. Here.”

“One word. Brevity. I meant the blog.”

“All starts somewhere. Been working on it some time.”

“Still need your fingers to count? Use any of mine?”

“Three months. Watch my finger point at the doorway.”

“And no posts?”

“The blog wasn’t ready. Ten hundred theme choices. Pages to set. Still unsure about my background.”

“Works with the self-title. Old photo. No crook in your nose.”

“Go find that hole. I’m writing.”

“Wise after three months.”

“I couldn’t start. Everything had to fit. Words and images. Puzzle pieces. Wanted a list of topics so I didn’t run out. This is above you.”

“Your clothes don’t fit. You’re not writing.”

“I have a word. It’s something.”

“A post?”

“Can be. Why not. I could be done.”

” ‘Brevity’ your title? My idea.”

“I wrote it.”

” ‘It’ why your clothes don’t fit?”

“Finger directing the way.”


Slice of life: “One thing about Chicago, watch them pohs and look in the mother fuckin’ trees.” Mover talking to other movers, while watching car get towed.


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