Stereotyping is not scary.

But it can make you look unintelligent.

There once was an irksome article. Find it here.

So I read this part: “How to Date a Geek Guy.”

Then this: “I’m going to assume that you’re not a genuine geek girl ( a geek guys natural hunting ground) so here’s how to fake it so you can make it with them.”

And this: “Traditionally men were shallow creatures who only went for Playboy bunnies/ Miss America as they needed someone to look pretty on their arm.”

And I thought: “Good thing men aren’t shallow anymore. Otherwise we’d be bummed that we’re dating a woman based on her being a geek. Not only that, but a faux geek.”

Then this: “Apparently proper grammar isn’t a requirement for faux geeks (see second paragraph parentheses).”

And this: “If we’re stereotyping, since when did geek guys start hunting? Did Tony Stark somehow inspire this? Damn your questionable past, Tony.”

That was about the time I stopped reading, started skimming, and became even more unimpressed.

Yupdate: Apparently the author has a sturdy spade.


Slice of life: “Some girl told me yesterday, ‘You’re the cutest homeless guy I ever seen.’ I said, ‘I know.’ ” Man pulling a shopping cart filled with metal and talking to other men.


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