You Deserve a Remedy

I read this article on BuzzFeed. A University of Arizona student holds up a sign that reads, “You Deserve Rape.” He believes women are asking to be sexually assaulted if they dress and act like his conception of “whores.” This person is a talking disease.

Fortunately, there are remedies to cure or at least abate illnesses, and I think I have one to treat most talking diseases. Let’s use You-Deserve-Rape person (you can read his name in the article) as an example.

You-Deserve-Rape person stops in a public place and preaches that rape is justifiable. After suppressing the urge to feed him a knuckle sammich, we start a donation basket for victims of sexual assault beside him. This way we use the attention he was getting for being a talking disease to our advantage, making him inadvertently support people he would rather not. We ruin his cause and simultaneously begin a better one.

Variations of this can be applied to numerous vocal illnesses — such as adding drums or ukuleles to donation lines to help entertain supporters and drown out pestilent gibberish. Spread the word if you know people or organizations fighting social maladies in a similar fashion. Creativity trumps negativity. Always.


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