When a DIY Comic Book Happens

Some time ago, Kelly Sue DeConnick tweeted a link to a method of making your own eight-page comic book. After a few Google searches, I found the instructions again, and decided to make a comic this morning. I learned that Steve Niles was signing at my local comic book shop tonight, and I wanted to give him something for all of the horror he has given me.

And here’s the story:

A Time For Change Panels

Shoddy art, I know. I am a doodler, not a drawer, and rushing out a short comic in a few hours did not help my artistic abilities. That said, I had a great time making this, and I am continuing the script (also editing what I already wrote). If I like where the story goes, I might search for an artist who can draw the actual scenes that pop into my head. I’ll keep you posted.

Also, see below for the original layout of the comic. If you print it, cut it, and fold it, like the aforementioned instructions show, you can turn it into a proper comic. If you make your comics using this method, feel free to share links to them in the comments or on Twitter.

A Time For Change


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